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[Hellooo Everyone! I’ll be starting back up answering questions this week, probably answering some tomorrow!

And welcome new followers! o v o <3 ] 

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OOC - Finals!

[[ Ooc- 


Thank you all for following me! <3 I have finals coming up this week, and into next week, so I won’t be answering anything until they are over! Maybe when I take a study break/ over the weekend I might answer some questions, but other then that, Don’t expect too much activity from me until at least sometime next week! <3 Everyone else taking finals good luck! The ask will remain open, so send me stuff to answer when I return! <3 ]]]

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Ask The Hero!


Yo! Alfred here, ready to answer your questions, Hit me up kay? <3

Hero Out. 

[OOC! I made an Ask America blog, because I love France and America so much, I couldn’t have just one ask blog x3! If anyone is interested in following that blog here it is~! I’m going to be keeping up with both of these blogs, because they are really a lot of fun to do, and I love interacting with all of my followers! <3 ]

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I believe, there are certain boundaries to good taste~

So, oui, there are… a few that I won’t ever try!

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Guess two!

…Hm, Woman of Liberty…

Have I fought with you before? 

I have an idea. Maybe.

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First Kiss?



That was a long time ago, but it was Francis.

[[Special guest France~ ]]

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Ah, I do not think he is bad! Good drinking buddy!

Of course, we have had some conflicts in the past…

But, we are friends~

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Oh I see! Well, I do like guessing games~ 

May I ask for a few hints though? 

Or ask a few questions?~ 

[[Ooc! Ask is open! I’m out of questions, so feel free to ask me things! I’ll be replying later tonight~]]

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Thank you!




Hello new followers!

I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for all of the new followers, and to all of my followers! This is a lot of fun for me to do, and to see people enjoying it, makes me smile! You are all wonderful!

Merci, Merci! 

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